Our HR Services

How could Achilles HR assist you?

Achilles HR could assist you with the following:

General Human Resource Management:

  • Managing the HR requirements of organisations who do not have in-house HR departments or expertise on an outsourced basis,
  • Managing the HR requirements of organisations who have in-house HR departments on an outsourced basis to complement the internal HR function and to assist with additional workload and projects,
  • HR Audits,
  • Job Description & Job Evaluations,
  • Employment Contracts,
  • Compilation of staff manual (Welcome pack) for all new appointments,
  • Review, Drafting & implementation of policy and procedures,
  • Compilation of electronic staff files,
  • Employee Wellness,
  • Employment Equity planning and consulting,
  • Compile and submitting of Employment Equity Reports (EEA2 and EEA4),
  • Submissions of annual workplace skills plans & annual training reports to the applicable SETA,
  • BBBEE related Services,
  • Performance Management,
  • Backup when the company’s HR employee’s goes on maternity/parental leave.

Employee Relations:

  • Workplace Discipline – Eg: Counselling sessions, warnings, etc,
  • Conducting and chairing of disciplinary hearings,
  • Providing guidance with grievance procedures,
  • Assist employers in retrenchment / restructuring procedures,
  • Assist with representations in CCMA matters,
  • Referring cases for legal advice, if necessary,
  • Assist the company to be compliant with relevant legislation – Labour Relations Act (LRA), Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), Skills Development Act (SDA), Employment Equity Act (EEA), Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), etc.

Payroll Services:

  • Minimum fee per month for doing your complete monthly payroll,
  • This caters for the first 7 employees and one payslip for each employee during a calendar month,
  • After the first 7 employees we charge a fee per payslip per period,
  • Therefore, you only pay for the number of payslips processed for the month,
  • The complexity of the payroll, however, could influence the price per payslip,
  • No annual licence fees, software licence fees nor any hidden cost,
  • Leave administration,
  • Capturing and processing payroll related information such as overtime, medical aid, provident fund, leave etc,
  • Capturing, processing and maintenance of all loans, garnishee orders and third-party payments,
  • Delivery of professional electronic payslips,
  • Monthly electronic reports. (Earnings, Deductions, Co Contributions, Company Recon, Variance Report, etc),
  • Summary reports with detailed payments to third parties. (SARS, UIF, Medical Aid, Pension/ Provident Fund, Garnishee Orders etc),
  • Annual IRP5/ IT3 (a) Reconciliation and copy for each employee.

Recruitment Services:

  • Competitive fee structures,
  • Headhunting individuals for key positions,
  • Consultation with the organisation to assess the culture and environment,
  • Online or interactive job analysis sessions where we discuss the specific requirements and context of the position to determine the ideal candidate,
  • Advertising of positions,
  • Response handling for advertisements on behalf of clients,
  • Candidate sourcing,
  • Interviewing candidates,
  • Tailored and structured interview questionnaires,
  • Conducts psychometric assessments through a 3rd party,
  • Providing references on candidates,
  • New recruitment engagement and integration into the organisation.

Fee Structure:

These services can be tailored to your needs and are available on site or remote:

  • Fixed monthly retainer: We assist with setting up a retainer for a defined period
  • HR/Payroll project: We can assist with projects that are quoted on a fixed price basis for the work to be done
  • Ad hoc: Where a client has intermittent needs for HR support or advice and where payment is made by the client for any work done by Achilles HR.

We want to assist you to grow both your company and employees.  Therefore, please let us know when you would be available to discuss how we could assist you with your HR processes and/or any other services.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We want to assist you to grow both your company and employees.  Therefore, please let us know when you would be available to discuss how we could assist you with your HR processes and/or any other services.